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Naija-Atm is a Naira Program
Built for Nigerians!!!

No Recruiting or Sponsoring Required

100% Automated System

This Platform IS NOT Member to Member!!

All Repurchases are done Automatic!

Once you are a PAID Member you are ready to earn!

Every N520 Spent = 1000 Banner and Text Ad Credits!

Purchase with Bank Transfer (Nigerians) 

Withdraw Commissions to Bank Transfer (Nigerians) 

You can now pay through Bitcoin to be approved faster..


This is not a program that will promise you millions of Naira and give you nothing in return. One Time N5200 out of pocket you can be earning Unlimited Naira over and over again. This might look small but if you refer others to the program you will gain a lot of money with the Sponsor Bonus, imagine 10 referrals. Now do the math. You get the Sponsor Bonus each time a referral cycles a phase. This will happen over and over again and again! With the Purchase price of the 1st Ad Pack being only N5200 you may even want to purchase the Ad Pack for your family and friends with you as the sponsor just so you can receive the Sponsor Bonus as they cycle each Phase.

Yes this is possible because everyone will go through the matrix very quickly as new people are joining and current members are cycling out of matrix and the system is auto repurchasing positions for them.

Once you are a paid member the system will put 4 people under you making you cycle the 4x1 matrix. The system will auto repurchase 2 positions back into the 4x1 matrix for you. Everything is done for you all you have to do is sign up and pay the N5200 for your 1st ad pack.

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There's no time like the present to get started, and the sooner you do... The sooner you'll be able to promote (optional and not required) and start making some extra money! If ever there was a good time to join a program that's really going to go places, like up through the roof like a skyrocket, then NOW is that time.

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We look forward to welcoming you in the member's area!

Create your own ATM with Naija-Atm
Naija-Atm Admin

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